Tall Ships Brockville

Information about the Brockville Tall Ships Festival that happens every 3 years, and the Big River Festival which is on every summer

Storyteller Victor Maelstrum

For over 20 years, the award-winning storyteller has been spinning tales for both young and old in festivals, conferences, and late nights around the campfire.

He has won several storytelling competitions and has performed in several festival and events across North America, building her reputation as a beloved raconteur, public speaker, and mischief-maker. In pirate communities, he is known as Victor Maelstrum, Seanachi of the 8th Sea. His natural ability to engage his audience has been known to re-awaken their sense of wonder and rediscover a lust for adventure. For a time, audiences will truly believe they have been transported to another place where the impossible becomes not only possible, but probable.

Performance Times:

Friday, June 24

  • Approximately 4:15pm following the Opening Ceremonies (on the Blockhouse Island main stage)

Saturday, June 25

  • 11:00am on the Pirate Stage (Hardy Park)
  • 1:45pm (on Blockhouse Island)
  • 3:00pm on the Pirate Stage (Hardy Park)

Sunday, June 26

  • 11:00am on the Pirate Stage (Hardy Park)
  • 12:15pm on the Pirate Stage (Hardy Park)
  • 1:45pm on the Pirate Stage (Hardy Park)

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