Tall Ships Brockville

Information about the Brockville Tall Ships Festival that happens every 3 years, and the Big River Festival which is on every summer

Nao Trinidad

Flag – Spain

Type of Rigging – Square Sail

Home Port – Huelva, Spain

Beam – 28 ft

Hull Length – 100 ft

Facts – 3 mast, 6 sails

History – Nao Trinidad was the flagship of Magellan’s expedition that led to the first circumnavigation of the earth, confirming for the first time that the world was round, which many take as the greatest maritime achievement of all times. 2022 is the 500th anniversary of this epic adventure and we celebrate it with an extensive exhibition on board about the expedition. Out of 5 ships that sailed out of Spain, Nao Trinidad was one of the only two vessels that accomplished the expedition’s goal: getting to the spice islands (currently Indonesia) by sailing west.

Website – www.fundacionnaovictoria.org

Festival Location – Blockhouse Island

Visitors will need a festival passport to go on board for a deck tour. Children 5 and under are free.