Tall Ships Brockville – September 16-18, 2016

Tall Ships Brockville 2016

Tall Ships

Ships that have visited Brockville

Get better acquainted with the various ships that have visited Brockville, on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Each one has her own story to tell.

Empire Sandy

Empire Sandy

Empire Sandy

Flag – Canada

Type of Ship – Tern Schooner

Home Port – Toronto, Ontario

Beam – 30 ft
Draft – 13 ft
Mast – 116 ft
Sail Area – 11,000 sq ft
Passenger Capacity –  275
Crew Compliment – 25

History – The Empire Sandy is a tall ship providing chartered tours for the public from Toronto, Canada. She was built as an Englishman/Larch Deep Sea class tugboat for war service by the British Government in 1943. After the war she was renamed to Ashford and then Chris M, before reverting to the original name of Empire Sandy and being converted to a schooner.

Website – http://www.empiresandy.com

Fair Jeanne

Fair Jeanne

Fair Jeanne

Flag – Canada

Type of Ship – Brigantine

Home Port – Kingston, ON

LOA – 110 ft
Beam –  24.6 ft
Draft – 5.5 ft

History – Fair Jeanne began her life in the backyard of the Thomas G. Fuller, D.S.C.** M.I.D. R.C.N. She was designed and built by Capt. Fuller at his home in Britannia-on-the-Bay in Ottawa, Ontario. The keel was laid in 1978 and she was launched in 1980. Fair Jeanne was sailed by Capt. Fuller and his wife, Jeanne (now patron of Bytown Brigantine Inc.) in the Caribbean and to his old haunts in the European Seas. During the past 15 years, the ship has logged over 150,000 miles (240,000 km) in service.

Website – http://www.tallshipsadventure.org

La Revenante

La Revenante

La Revenante

Flag – Canadian

Type of Ship – Schooner

Home Port – Kingston, ON

Website – http://www.revenante.com/

Mist of Avalon

Flag – Canada

Type of Ship – Schooner

Home Port – Ivy Lea, Ontario

LOA – 100′

Mist of Avalon

Mist of Avalon

Rig height and length – Fore mast (deck to cap) 57′ 2″ Length waterline 74′ Main mast (deck to cap) 63′ 1″ Beam 20′ Fore boom 18′ 6″ Draft 10′ Main boom 35′ 4″

Interesting Facts – The ship began her life in 1967 as the Motor Vessel “Liverpool Bay”. She was built by the strong native timber and the skilled hands of the shipwrights of MacLean Shipbuilding, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.

History – In December 1992 began the ship’s new life as “Mist of Avalon”, named for the mystic Celtic island of re-birth. The Ship was purchased, hauled out, hull scraped and anti fouled. In July 1993, she was ready to leave Nova Scotia for her new home port at Holidays Afloat Marina in Ivy Lea, Ontario, Canada. Here, work continued on the conversion from motor vessel to a fully rigged sailing vessel in the tradition of the late 19th century Grand Banks schooners.

Website – http://www.mistofavalon.ca




Flag – US

Type of Ship – Barquentine

Home Port – Brunswick, Georgia

LOD (Length on deck) – 124 ft
LWL (Length at waterline) – 108 ft
Rig height – 123 ft

Interesting Facts – The Peacemaker will be used to travel between the communities of the Twelve Tribes while providing an apprenticeship program for their youth in sailing,seamanship, navigation, and boat maintenance.

History – The Peacemaker, originally named Avany, was built on a riverbank in southern Brazil using traditional methods and tropical hardwoods, and was launched in 1989. The original owner and his family motored in the southern Atlantic Oceanbefore bringing the ship up through the Caribbeanto Savannah, Georgia, where they intended torig it as a three-masted staysail Marconi rigged motor sailer. The work was never done, however, and in the summer of 2000, it was purchased by the Twelve Tribe

Website – http://www.peacemakermarine.com

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore

Pride of Baltimore

Flag – US

Type of Ship – Topsail Schooner

Home Port – Baltimore, Maryland

Length – 96 ft 6 in (29.41 m) on deck, 157 ft (48 m) sparred length

Beam – 26 ft (7.9 m)
Height – 107 ft (33 m)
Draft – 12 ft 4 in (3.76 m)
Sail plan – 10,442 sq ft (970.1 m2) sail area

Interesting Facts – Until 2010, the Pride of Baltimore II was owned by the citizens of the state of Maryland and operated by Pride of Baltimore, Inc., a private, nonprofit organization. Ownership was transferred to the ship’s nonprofit operator with unanimous approval by Maryland’s Board of Public Works on June 9, 2010.

History – The Pride of Baltimore II was launched in 1988 after the loss of the first Pride of Baltimore, and continues the role of Maryland’s Flagship and Goodwill Ambassador, promoting business and tourism in Maryland.

Like the original Pride, the Pride II is not a replica of any specific vessel, and though it represents a type of vessel known as a Baltimore Clipper, it was built to contemporary standards for seaworthiness and comfort. Designed by Thomas C. Gillmer Pride II, like its predecessor, is a topsail schooner, with two large gaff sails (one on a boom and one loose-footed), a main gaff topsail, several headsails, and a square topsail and flying topgallant on the foremast. She also flies studding sails (stun’s’ls), rare on modern traditional sailing vessels. These additional sails are set along the edge of the square topsail and the mainsail, supported by additional spars known as stun’s’l booms.

Website – http://www.pride2.org

Schooner Liana’s Ransom

Liana's Ransom

Liana’s Ransom

Flag – Canadian

Type of Ship – Gaff rigged square topsail schooner

Home Port – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Port (winter) – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

LOA – 60 feet

Rig Height – main mast is 75 feet above the water line, 2500 square feet of sail.

Interesting Facts – Liana’s Ransom is a gaff rigged square topsail schooner. Her home port is Halifax, Nova Scotia and she operates out of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands in the winter. She is rigged and outfitted as a privateer/pirate vessel and her rig is typical of those vessels used by pirates and privateers alike in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. She is armed with 4 black powder cannons. For the Great Lakes Tall Ship Challenge 2013 the crew will be dressed in period clothing of the Royal Navy from the War of 1812 time period.

Website – http://www.lianasransom.com


Flag – Norwegian

Type of Ship – full rigged

Home Port – Kristiansand, Norway

Length – Length inclusive bowsprit – 65 m
Mast height – 34,2 m
Sails – 27
Sailarea – 1.236 m2
Deck area – 250 m2
Displacement – 891 T
Gross tonnage – 499
Net Tonnage – 149

History – The Sørlandet is the oldest and best kept full rigged ship in operation. The Sørlandet was built in Kristiansand, Norway in 1927. The name Sørlandet is Norwegian for “The South Land” and also the name for the southern region of Norway. The funds to build a school ship for the region were given by a private donator, O.A.T Skjelbred, in 1918. The funds earned interest till 1925 when the building started. It is one of the largest privately donated gifts in the history of Norway. In today’s money it would equate to 500 million Norwegian Kroner or 90 million Canadian Dollars.

The Sørlandet served as a school ship from 1927 till 1972 only interrupted by World War 2, when she was captured by the German Navy and used as a hotel ship for submarine crews and finally a hospital ship. She was partly sunk during a Russian air raid in Kirkenes, in northern Norway. In 1946 she was recovered and refitted as a school ship, welcoming young cadets on board again in 1947. During her time as a school ship more than 7500 cadets have gotten their first sea legs on her decks before entering the ranks in the Norwegian Royal Navy or the Norwegian Merchant Navy. In 1972 she was decommissioned as a school ship and sold to private hands. In 1979 the grand child of O.A.T Skjelbred, Kristian Skjelbred-Knudsen managed to buy the Sørlandet back, averting her to be sold off onto foreign hands. A non-profit foundation was established by the municipality of Kristiansand. Since 1980 she has welcomed sail trainees on to her decks. The Sørlandet was the first school ship in the world to allow women to be educated on board.

Since 2010 the Sørlandet has been chartered by West Island College in Canada to offer the Class Afloat program.  The Sørlandet is the only full rigged ship with a hull made out of 100% riveted steel plates. Our decks are made out of Norwegian Pine and our rigging is the same as you would find on the sail ships in 1880-90. Everything is original and maintained after the old recipes. Her Highness the Crown Princess Mette Marit is the high protector of the Sørlandet.

Website – http://www.sorlandet.org/

St. Lawrence II

St Lawrence II

St Lawrence II

Flag – Canadian

Type of Ship – Brigantine

Home Port – Kingston, ON

LOA – 72 feet

Rig height and length – 2500 square feet, 11 sails in a brigantine rig

Interesting Facts – The captain and the executive officer are usually the only people on the ship who are over 18 years of age, and they are the most qualified. The watch officers, cook, bosun and petty officers are often under 18 but they will have participated in multiple training cruises and completed further training during the winter training program

History – The STV St. Lawrence II (Sail Training Vessel) is a 72-foot (22 m) brigantinedesigned for youth sail training and is operated by a crew of 14-19 year-olds. It was designed in 1952 by Francis MacLachlan and Mike Eames, designed for the sole purpose of youth sail training. The hull was built in 1953 in the Kingston,Ontario shipyards, with the rest of the ship finished by local craftsmen, Kingston sea cadets and enthusiastic amateurs. When the St. Lawrence II first started out she was affiliated with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps St. Lawrence, but eventually her program was opened to any participants ages 12-18 for a summer training cruises.

Website – http://www.brigantine.ca/


The Unicorn

The Unicorn

Flag – United States

Type of Ship – Schooner

Home Port – Clinton, New Jersey

LOA – 110 feet, including bowsprit; 90 feet on deck

Mast height – 96 feet above the deck

Interesting facts – Unicorn’s unique executive development programs are delivered with focus, professionalism and lasting effectiveness, while charter guests cruise to exotic islands in comfort aboard a ship that is the envy in any port. Her luxurious accommodations and professional crew provide guests with a first-class experience aboard a 110′ working tall-ship. Unicorn is simply a perfect blend of the romance of a traditional tall-ship with the interior comforts expected by contemporary executives.

History – Sailing as the only all-female crewed tall ship in the world, Unicorn sails the sea with proven on-board leadership programs for teenage girls and women. Holland-built in 1947 from German U-boat metals, Unicorn partners with Sisters Under Sail to deliver her mission of building confidence, enhancing self-esteem, developing social conscience and teaching the value of sisters working together towards a common goal.

Website – http://www.tallshipunicorn.com/index.html

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