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Tall Ships Brockville 2019

Pride of Baltimore

Flag – United States

Type of Ship – Topsail Schooner Privateer

Home Port – Baltimore, MD

Beam – 23 ft
Draft – 9 ft 9 in
Sail Area – 9,327 sq ft
Crew Compliment – 12

History – Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned in 1988 as a sailing memorial to her immediate predecessor, the original Pride of Baltimore, which was tragically sunk by a white squall off Puerto Rico in 1986, taking her captain and three crew members down with her. Both ships were built in the Inner Harbor as reproductions of 1812-era topsail schooners, the type of vessels, called Baltimore Clippers, that helped America win the War of 1812 and finally secure its freedom. Since her commissioning, Pride II has sailed nearly 200,000 miles, and visited over 200 ports in 40 countries in North, South, and Central America, Europe, and Asia.

Website – http://www.pride2.org