Tall Ships Brockville

Tall Ships Brockville

I'm going to the Brockville Tall Ships Festival in 2019

HMCS Oriole

Flag – Canadian

Type of Rigging – Ketch-rigged

Home Port – Canadian Forces Base, Halifax NS

Height – 94 ft
Length – 102 ft

Facts – Ketch-rigged, Oriole is a near relative to a schooner, but differs in that its mizzen mast is smaller than its mainmast and is steeped further aft.

History – HMCS Oriole is the oldest ship in the Royal Canadian Navy. It was built in 1921 as yacht Oriole IV and served as the Royal Canadian Yacht Club’s flagship from 1924-1928. Oriole IV has been used by the Navy League of Canada and the Royal Canadian navy as a training vessel since 1941. She was officially commissioned as HMCS Oriole in 1952.

Website – navy-marine.forces.gc.ca/en/index.page